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Celebrating Diversity at the Cognizant Classic: Stay Tranquilo Shines Spotlight on Latino Representation

Updated: Feb 29

In the world of golf, the Cognizant Classic in West Palm Beach has become a beacon of diversity and inclusivity, with Stay Tranquilo taking the lead in highlighting and celebrating Latino representation on The TOUR. As the golfing community continues to evolve, the importance of reflecting the rich tapestry of cultures within the sport becomes increasingly evident. The Cognizant Classic, in collaboration with Stay Tranquilo, stands at the forefront of this movement, showcasing the vibrant and talented Latino players who contribute significantly to the world of professional golf.

Embracing Diversity on The TOUR:

The Cognizant Classic has gained a reputation for its commitment to embracing diversity and creating an inclusive environment for players from all backgrounds. In recent years, the tournament has placed a special emphasis on showcasing the diverse talents of golfers, and Stay Tranquilo has been a driving force in bringing attention to the Latino players who add flair and skill to the game.

Stay Tranquilo's Mission:

Stay Tranquilo, which translates to "Stay Calm" in Spanish, is an initiative dedicated to promoting and celebrating Latino representation in the world of golf. This movement recognizes the significant contributions of Latino players, not only in terms of their athletic prowess but also in the positive impact they have on the sport's cultural landscape.

Highlighting Latino Talent:

The Cognizant Classic provides a platform for Latino golfers to showcase their skills and share their unique stories. Stay Tranquilo ensures that these players receive the recognition they deserve, both on and off the golf course. By shining a spotlight on their achievements, Stay Tranquilo aims to inspire the next generation of Latino golfers and foster a sense of belonging within the sport.

Interviews and Features:

Stay Tranquilo goes beyond the leaderboard, conducting interviews with Latino players to delve into their journeys, challenges, and triumphs. These features provide fans with a deeper understanding of the diverse backgrounds that contribute to the dynamic world of professional golf. Through these personal narratives, Stay Tranquilo fosters a sense of connection between players and fans, breaking down barriers and promoting unity within the golfing community.

Community Engagement:

In addition to its media efforts, Stay Tranquilo is actively engaged in community initiatives that promote golf among Latinos. Through partnerships with local organizations, the initiative works to increase accessibility to the sport, providing opportunities for aspiring young Latino golfers to pursue their passion.


The Cognizant Classic in West Palm Beach, in collaboration with Stay Tranquilo, is setting a new standard for diversity and inclusivity in professional golf. By celebrating and amplifying the voices of Latino players, this partnership is not only enriching the golfing experience but also inspiring a new generation of enthusiasts. As the Cognizant Classic continues to evolve, it serves as a beacon for other tournaments, encouraging the recognition and celebration of the diverse talent that makes golf a truly global and inclusive sport.

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