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Stay Tranquilo

About Us

Stay Tranquilo is a digital media and experiential company geared towards helping Latinos y mas, stress a little less, and enjoy la vida a lot more.

Stay Tranquilo curates content and host different experiences around what we believe are the keys to a life full of joy, peace, and excitement.

Our pillars are

  • travel

  • wellness

  • hospitality

  • personal development

  • sports & entertainment

We provide a positive perspective on life through podcast, video content, images, events, experiences, conversations, merch, and more.


We find ways to live la vida buena, no matter what your income level is, your gender, color. We are para todos.


We are a group of hijos y hijas, nietos y nietas, sobrinos y sobrinas, primos, y primas. 


La vida es mejor when we “stay tranquilo”

The Team

The People of Stay Tranquilo

Untitled design (20).png
Andre Dunand - 
The Tranquilo Guy


Untitled design (21).png
Danyel De Villiers -

VP of Production & Creative

IMG_1320 (1).jpeg
David Hondal

Co Founder - Tranquilo Sports

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